Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Smarty Pants

I think two-year olds are so fascinating. It seems like just in a matter of weeks Klaeyton's vocabulary and cognitive abilities have expanded like whoah. Every day he amazes me with new words and new skills. He repeats almost everything we say which can sometimes bite me in the butt. Like the other day we went to Target and Matt and I were teasing each other and I told him to shut up. The next thing I know I hear "Shut Up!" as Klaeyton laughs. Yep. Lesson learned. : ) 

Klaeyton loves soup. I think he would eat it for three meals a day if I would let him. We've found we can get him to eat other things (like chili and ravioli's) if we just tack soup on the end of it. So last night we had "chili soup" for dinner. Hey whatever works right? Well like I said Klaeyton would eat soup all the time if we let him. Yesterday morning he wanted soup for breakfast and we kept telling him no only to look up and see this:

I've never seen him do this and neither had Matt. It's a joy to see, but at the same time makes you sad as a parent, because I know one day Klaeyton won't be asking to make him soup. He'll just make it himself. 

Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom. 

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