Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just a Short List for Thursday :)

1. Yay! For babies! My friend Roslyn gave birth to Baby Jade last night :)

2. Katie and I took Klaeyton to the lake the other day and man did I get burnt. Thankfully I only burn the first time I'm in the sun in the summer. Sad part= I wasn't in the sun until July. 

3. We're busy busy with summer fun. Zoo. Lake. Books. It's a blast. 

4. I'm redoing some couponing things so that I can post about my binder and my newly revamped coupon organizational system. 

5. I'll be posting that today :)

6. Jules is almost crawling. She gets on all fours and then rocks back and forth. She tries to scoot forward and always ends up belly flopping. It makes me smile. 

7. Yesterday Klaeyton was building a train track in the living room and Jules kept taking the pieces of the bucket and trying to put them together. Watching them play together warms my heart. 

8. So yeah I'll admit that I'm totally stoked about the last Harry Potter movie coming out next week :) nerd? me? yes. 

9. I keep feeling these urges to make some changes, like God is trying to tell me if I could only figure out exactly what it is :)

10. Oh I miss you :)

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