Thursday, June 30, 2011

Klaeyton's Conversations

Ok so you know how as an adult, people look at you funny when they catch you talking to yourself. Ok ok I do it all the time, but yeah I know it's not nearly as precious as overhearing your two-year old talking to himself. 

Klaeyton says some funny things when he's talking to us (See list below :), but yesterday, Matt and I overheard him in the playroom by himself talking to his trains. To be honest, I can't even remember what he was saying, all I remember was the feeling I had sitting there on the couch peeking in on him. It was like a punch in the stomach and a hug all at the same time. When did he get so smart that he could not only carry on conversations with me, but with himself too? And yes a toddler talking to himself is actually a good sign. It means he can invent ideas and has an imagination and sadly the culture we live in today doesn't always encourage these things. We were just so proud. 

Now that we've covered that Klaeyton can talk to himself :) I'd like to post some of our recent conversations. 

Scene: Matt and I are getting ready for bed when we find that Klaeyton has already managed to crawl into our bed and take over Matt's spot. As Matt is getting ready to put him back in his bed, he gripes about Klaeyton stealing his pillow too. I laugh. 

Klaeyton rolls over and says, "It's not funny!"...Well then...

Scene: Klaeyton is standing by the back door and I'm telling him to come into the living room to pick up his toys. 

Klaeyton turns around and says, "Mom you need to go fix the lawn mower."
Me: "Oh I do, do I?"
Klaeyton: "Right now."....Well then...

Scene: Klaeyton and I are at Target doing some shopping and I give him the play by play that we're going to Giant Eagle next. 

Klaeyton says, "Umm no mom I don't want to go to Giant Eagle"
Me: "Why not?"
Klaeyton: "Because I want to go home."...Well then...

Every day this beautiful little blessing makes me laugh. Watching his thoughts unfold into words is simply amazing...and no I won't's totally entertaining. 

Go out and have a conversation with a two-year old. I promise you'll leave smiling :)

Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom. 

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