Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Some kids have obsessions with cars, trucks, dolls, stuffed animals or blankeys. My son, however has this obsession with helium balloons.  Actually, it was his first word next to mama and daddu. Anytime we go into a store that sells helium balloons you would think he could jump out of that little seat in the carts and fly away with balloons. He gets so excited. So now it seems like we constantly have a helium balloon in the house that Klaeyton is absolutely constantly attached to.

 It's funny to watch him hold it in one hand and try to do everything with just the other hand, which I've noticed is more often than not his left. The other day he was double fisting his helium balloons and bent over to drink from his cup because he didn't have a free hand. hilarious. He sits in his high chair reluctant to let go of his balloon to eat, eventually letting go and making sure that it stays right next to his chair. priceless. 

Yesterday, we come home from daycare and as Klaeyton walks in the house like he owns the place, he starts to get a little anxious when he realizes his balloon isn't in the exact spot he left it in that morning.  At night we tell him the balloon stays in the living room to go night night just like Klaeyton and after fighting him tooth and nail to get the string from his hand, he pouts then finally says "ba-oon night night" and proceeds with bedtime. And of course in the morning, after I lift him from his crib and grab a diaper, the first thing he says to me is "ba-oon?" as his head whips around looking for it. All I can do is smile. Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom.

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