Saturday, May 29, 2010

Haircuts, Pools, Refrigerators, and Tears

I have a few sporadic topics to cover so this blog is likely to not mesh well. But that's ok with me because I am certainly not getting paid to write it :)

I took Klaeyton yesterday to get his hair chopped off. I loved his long shaggy emo boy hair, but now when I look at him I melt even more because not only do I see my beautiful little bouncing boy, but I see his father, in his smile and especially in his devious grin. It's a constant reminder of how blessed I am as a wife and a mother. 

We got K a pool for the back yard and so far he really doesn't care for it. I tried sitting in it with him and he just stands in one spot and then gets mad when his toys float away or when he can't reach me. I'm hoping the more we use it, the more he'll want to play in it. It's a good thing we didn't spend a whole lot on it. 

So today I was blessed by a friend to receive a refrigerator that is "real size." haha. If you're confused by what I'm talking about I'll fill you in... for the past year we've been using a refrigerator that is shorter than me and has internal freezer space that holds like three things. It's been the biggest pain in the butt ever and when the new fridge arrived I could barely contain my excitement. Looking at it, I think it's almost twice the size of the one we've been using. I totally know I'm a mom when I get excited over a refrigerator :) but even more so now that I don't have to go grocery shopping twice a week! Woo hoo! So a big Thank You to the Freemans and to Rolin for bringing it over to us. 

K has been fighting bed time the last few nights, but tonight when I told him we were reading the last book and that we had to get ready to turn his music on, he didn't bolt into the living room, instead he snuggled into my chest and put his arms around me. And of course, with my raging pregnancy hormones, I started to cry. Klaeyton looked at me with these big concerned eyes and just kept hugging me. It's amazing that someone so little and so new to the world can be so attuned to my feelings. 

Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom.

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