Monday, February 28, 2011

Dress Up?

A forewarning before I get to this post...I've been making notes to myself when a blogging moment arises and I have a whole list of stuff I want to blog about and since remembering my ideas are one of the hardest part I think you can expect more from me on a regular basis :)

We had Jules dedicated this past Sunday. And I have to say she looked so darn cute. 
But speaking of looking's a pain. I don't understand why people dress their kids like this on a regular basis. It's obnoxious. And I know that it can't be comfortable. I can only imagine what she was thinking when I took this picture... "Really mom? You're going to put me in this frumpy flowery dress with an itchy layer of fish netting underneath? You're crazy" But no worries I didn't pay money for this dress, it was given to me along with about three others that I'll have to find occasions for. 

Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom. 

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