Saturday, February 5, 2011

MiscKalaneous :) No that is not a real word...

I should be doing homework. I've been saying that since yesterday. And granted it isn't due until Monday, I've been determined not to wait until the last minute... which I have to say isn't working so well. What can I say? I work so much better under a deadline. It will get done. I'm not worried. 

On that note, I've also been determined to blog more...see how that has turned out? The truth is I'm busy. Especially since school started :) Here's what's been going on...

I took my trip to Anderson, Indiana for school...
and it was a great trip, with just a few setbacks. I took Jules with me since I'm nursing and well, we ended up with thrush and Jules had an awful cold. It was quite the adventure getting her pediatrician to call in prescriptions out of state and for me to play phone tag with both the midwives and the bfsg warm line at emh. She did really well in class though and overall I had a great time. 

Then I drove back, picked up Matt and K and took off to Kentucky. I wish we could go there more. It's always as if we never left and it's always such a great time.

 While we were there we got to attend Big Hill Church for service and I got to witness the musical talents of the Harden family :) It's a beautiful thing to see them together :)

Now we're back in Ohio. Boo. With the massive amount of snow that we're still getting. It's obnoxious. But on a good note...we started the whole potty training thing with Klaeyton and it's going sooo well. So far today we have had no accidents :) I do worry about nap time and bed time but I know eventually it will all work out. Tomorrow will be a true test since we have church all day, so I'll be packing lots of extra clothes but I'm hoping for the best :)
I know I already posted this picture, but it's just so darn cute and I'm sure one day he'll hate me for it.

Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom. 

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