Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Promised Land...

If we could visit Kentucky every month we would. We love it there. We made this trip to visit the Hardens and to bring one back with us ;) So it was a short trip (they're all too short) but an eventful one. 

One of Klaeyton's favorite things to do is ride the "tractor" with Papa. The spent the morning enjoying the nice weather and being good workers in mowing the lawn for Nana. It's such a joy to your children have a blast with their grandparents. I love that when we go to Kentucky, Klaeyton acts as if we never left. He waltzes in and gives hugs and kisses and begins talking non-stop. It truly warms the heart. 
Another thing I love about Kentucky is being able to just relax and breathe a little. This is Klaeyton being goofy with a pair of glasses Nana gave him to play with. 

This wasn't taken in Kentucky, but I had to add it. Aunt Lana has officially moved in and Klaeyton's prancing around in her shoes to prove it :)

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