Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm Not Just a Mom...

This morning K was up at 630 for some reason, and I tell you, I was not ready to be awake and moving. But I drug myself out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen to put coffee on and get K some juice. And this is what I was greeted with...

As a mom, I might think "what can I do with these?" I can't keep Klaeyton quiet in line at Target  with them, or buy diapers with them or feed them to him. I can't even pretend they're a truck and vroom across the living room with them. 

But that is precisely why they were perfect.

As a wife and a woman these were just what I needed. I know I forget that I'm not just a mom. I'm a wife and first and foremost a woman. I like getting flowers for no reason. I like getting dolled up and actually putting make up on for an event other than going to the grocery store. I like looking at things other than vacuums and furniture. 

Don't get me wrong, being a mom is def my calling from God, and I wouldn't change it for the world. But I do know that God wants me to remember that before He made me a mom, he made me Matt's wife and this morning I got that small reminder and it brought back a lot of good memories:

When Matt and I first started dating I was student teaching 45 minutes away and had to be up so early. Matt would get up and pack my lunch for me every day. One morning he made me an omelette in bed. It was fantastic. 

On my birthday the first year we were together, Matt wrote me a song and sang it to me. I bawled. 

He made me cinnamon rolls (which are still my favorite) and watched movies with me when I was so exhausted from teaching. 

He always told me how great I was, even when my professors were breathing down my neck . 

When I told him I was pregnant with Klaeyton, sobbing hysterically because I was so scared, he just held me and told me everything was going to be ok. 

The weekend of my college graduation my hormones were raging and I was mean to everyone in sight. Matt was calm and let me be, never getting angry with me (at least that I ever knew of :) 

After a blown up car, 85 degree heat with no a/c and a 12 hour move to Ohio to a house with 5 other people, 2 dogs and 8 puppies, I curled up and cried from exhaustion and defeat. Matt held me and sang I'll Catch You by the Get Up Kids. And he just let me cry. 

He wrote me a book telling the story of us to propose marriage. And gave it to me on the beach. It was perfect. 

He was with me every second when Klaeyton was born and he told me over and over again how great I was doing. 

And even after becoming a father...he still buys me flowers and tells me he loves me. 

Yep...that's my husband...

Oh the joy of being an ordinary...wife.

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