Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's a....

Matt and I had a nice well deserved break thanks to my mom. She took Klaeyton to West Virginia Thursday night. Well... actually we took him over there Thursday morning and didn't pick him up until Friday evening. I was able to relax, get some work done, enjoy some one on one time with Matt and believe it or not I slept till 9 am yesterday morning. It was bliss. I woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in a very long time. 

Well last night I was reminded of why I needed a break to begin with. On top of the terrible dreams I've been having Klaeyton was up at least three times screaming for at least twenty minutes each time around. And of course I was so tired I gave in. I know. Shame on me. But I just wanted to sleep. Today one of the many goals I have is to do some toddler sleep research so that I can get him sleeping through the night again. 

Back tracking a little, when I went to get Klaeyton from Grammy and Poppy's last night, I was stoked. I missed my little man. And I knew Matt did too since yesterday morning he started mimicking Klaeyton as he walked around the house (which by the way was quite hilarious). However, K could have probably stuck around with Poppy and that riding lawn mower a little longer. He ran away from me as I tried to hug him! I almost didn't know how to react. It just goes to show how much his personality is developing. Of course like I said he was clingy enough last night to make up for it ;)

Well... I went for the ultrasound yesterday. I am so thankful to Amy for letting her student scan me :) It was a blast. Before I reveal the gender of Baby Harden #2 I would like to say that in the very beginning of this pregnancy I was completely anti-girl, just wanting another little boy to love on. Well, everyone kept telling me little girls were cute and so much fun to dress up and after watching two dance recitals this summer I began to get that girl itch that I had when I was first pregnant with Klaeyton. In fact I had convinced myself that since this pregnancy has been so different, that I must be having a girl, but alas, God must believe I'm a momma who can handle a houseful of boys. Yep. Baby Harden #2 is a boy :) Amy wants me to come back in because we couldn't get an extremely clear picture of said baby's little boy parts but her and her student are pretty darn sure of what they saw. My midwives will be ordering another ultrasound here in a couple weeks also so even though we're 90% sure, we'll be positive soon enough :) 

Disappointed? I was a little at first, but like I said, God knows what's best and I know he is giving me what I'm supposed to have and as long as he's healthy, I can't even think of the slightest complaint. Actually I am pretty excited at the prospect of loving on another little man and even more so that Klaeyton will have a little brother to play with. 

Time to get on the baby planning :)

Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom.

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