Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 Things Two-Year Olds Do

Two-year olds do some awfully funny things:

1. They enter this independent stage...I hear "Kayton do it!" at least a million times a day...before vacuuming, before meals, before getting dressed, before watching a movie oh and even when Jules is crying. I now know why it takes twice as long to do things with toddlers. 

2. They wear your name out. When Klaeyton wants my attention (mainly in the car), I hear "Mommy...mommy...mommy" about a gazillion times :)

3. They get obsessed with certain things. For instance...cheese. Klaeyton wants it on everything and literally picks the shredded or grated cheese off of things and eats it. 

4. They repeat everything they hear and tell you over and over again. Klaeyton's words of wisdom these days is "we don't kill dragons" since his new movie obsession is How to Train Your Dragon.

5. I don't think all two-year olds do this, but mine does...

He's kind of particular about his toys. 

6. They spill things. And they do it on purpose just to see what comes out :)

7. They pick up on your habits. When K makes a mess, I hear... "I made a mess" in this awe shucks kind of voice. 

8. Even two-year old boys are picky about which kind of underwear they wear. It would be awful to be caught in boring undies. It's gotta be cars or buzz and woody or dinosaurs or robots or something. 

9. They have likes and dislikes. Klaeyton loves when Daddy plays the guitar, however Mommy is never allowed to sing or dance :)

10. They still snuggle you...but only when they really want to. 

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