Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My New Best Friend Bertha

Moms need friends too. And well thanks to Uncle Sam, this is my new one :) If you read my post on my Goals for 2011, you read that I was going to make myself start running. Now, I am by no means a runner. In fact I hated it...until this morning. 

Let me back up a bit. I made the decision to start running initially because of peer pressure. All my friends run and even my husband runs. I know it's good for your body and frankly I know that I need to exercise more. So that's how it made the goal list for this year. But I also know that I have two small children, a husband who works outside of the home, I work from home and we're both in school, oh and I live in the dreadful state of Ohio where one day we get 3 ft of snow and the next it's sunny and warm. So needless to say I knew it would be hard to run outside all the time, especially when I'm at home with the kids or even just in the winter. So I invested in Bertha up there and knew that if I paid money for something I would at least force myself to use it, even if I didn't like it. 

Well after much hassle and frustration getting the thing together and started last night, I actually looked forward to trying it out this morning. I downloaded this application for my iphone since like I said before, I am not a runner. I knew I'd have to start small and work my way up and this app came highly recommended. 

So I hopped on this morning with my app ready and my kindle where I could see it. I hear about people reading while they run all the time so I figured, hey it's worth a try. Umm so yeah I loved it. And I felt so good afterwards. The natural high of exercise is awesome and I know it's something I've been missing out on for awhile now. Sadly, according to the program I'm not supposed to run again until Friday, but I might just have to be a rebel and do it again tomorrow ;)

Oh the joys of being an ordinary mom.

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