Thursday, March 3, 2011

Assembly Required

In this past week I've grown to have more appreciation for things that need to be put together before using.  But let me tell you, I think companies are awful about their assembly instructions. It makes me wonder if the people who write the manual actually ever put anything together. How does one get that job anyhow? Do you walk in and say excuse me I've put countless things together in my lifetime, can I write your assembly instruction manuals? Well that would mean that the manuals are helpful. These people are probably not  that experienced in putting things together. 

Between the treadmill and our new entertainment stand I could have pulled my hair out. Not to mention the couple blonde moments I had that resulted in needed assistance from Matt and me kicking myself in the behind. 

And on a side note I appreciate Matt so much more for putting the crib together...I know that thing is one giant huge pain in the butt. 

I just wanted to rant for a minute. I do believe that baby and children's things are the worst things to put together. But this week I experienced the terrors of putting other household things together. 

Oh the joy of being and ordinary mom.

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