Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Weekend List

It's been a great weekend :)

1. I'm officially an Avon lady again :) well almost officially. Hopefully my contract will be done being processed tomorrow. Once I get my website link I'll post it :)

2. My sister came to stay with us. I love when she's here. 

3. We hit up some resales Saturday and I am sooooo stoked that I found a sit-n-stand stroller in fantastic condition for only $55. I know they retail starting at $140 so I was pretty darn excited. I wanted to post a picture but it's still in my trunk....

4.....because what do you know we got more snow last night. Oh Ohio how I'm beginning to loathe you. Wait...I do loathe you. 

5. We got K some wooden train tracks and trains and I think we have found his new obsession. 

6. We had an awesome Kidstuf Live service this morning at church. It was pretty much da bomb. 

7. We got our HDMI cable and adapter and are now watching netflix on the tv :)

8. We went out to Red Lobster for lunch today and I was able to see Molly...who I really do miss. 

Oh the joys of being an ordinary mom :)

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