Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Spent Under Ten Bucks...

This is the trip I was talking about in my last post, but when I so excitedly entered the store yesterday I realized that it was Wednesday and the new sale didn't start until today so I made the trip today. 

What you see above retails at $46.21 without being on sale. Now with the sales it all retails at $24.99. However, with all the coupons I used, I paid $4.49 plus tax (My total for the above items was $6.61) 

This is how the trip went, there were four transactions total and the first two of them were just food items. GE was having a sale on certain items where if you purchased $20 worth, you got a $4 coupon back. I did this twice I stocked up on Dijorno's, liquid creamer that Matt likes, Lean Cuisines and a few containers of Haagen Daz Ice cream. I did two $20 purchases to get 2 $4 off coupons. My grocery total was around $55 but I am well stoked and everything I bought was on sale.  So essentially I started with 2 $4 off coupons for the next two transactions. 

Transaction #3
3 boxes of Tampax Pearl- Retail Price $4.79 each
Sale Price $4.00 each
eCoupon $2.00
$4.00 off coupon (from previous food purchases)
Manufac. Paper Coupon $2.00
Manufac. Paper Coupon $2.00
Manufac. Paper Coupon $1.50 (it was for $.75 and GE doubles it :)
Total Cost: $.50 + tax ($.70)
Total $1.20
And I received a $3.00 off coupon

Transaction 4:
Febreeze Air Effects- Retail $2.99
Sale $2.50
eCoupon $.50
Manufac. Coupon $1.50 ($.75 doubled)
Total for this item $.50

Febreeze Set and Refresh- Retail $2.99
Sale $2.50
eCoupon $.50
Manufac. Coupon $1.00 ($.50 doubled)
Total for this item $1.00

Crest Pro-Health- Retail $4.19
Sale $3.00
eCoupon $1.50
Manufac Coupon $1.50
Total for toothpaste FREE

2 Mr. Clean's Spray- Retail $3.39 each
Sale $2.50 each
eCoupon $.50
Manufac Coupon $1.00 ($.50 doubled)
Manufac Coupon $1.00 ($.50 doubled)
Total $2.50 for both or $1.25 each

Pedigree Dog Food- Retail $14.89
Sale $11.99
eCoupon $2.00
Manufac Coupon $3.00
Total for dog food $6.99

1st Total for All Items: $10.99

I then used by other $4.00 off coupon from my second food purchase and I also used my $3.00 off coupon from the Tampax purchase bringing my total to $3.99 + tax ($1.42)
or $5.41

So for both transaction 3 and transaction 4 I paid $6.61. Granted I spent money on groceries too, I think this was a pretty good steal. I love getting coupons back for buying things I need anyway. :)

Oh the joy of being a couponing mom. 

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