Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Newest Coupon Adventure

I'm getting better at this whole couponing thing. And I won't lie...it's totally addicting! This is what I managed to pull off today:

It was the last day of these sales for Giant Eagle, (but no worries, I have a trip planned tomorrow that is going to blow this one out of the water!). Here's the breakdown of how this went from $48.94 retail to the $11.49 + tax that I paid for it :) I had three separate transactions and I started with a $4 off coupon from my last trip to Giant Eagle. 

Transaction #1
Diapers- Each package is originally $9.99
Sale Price $8.99 each
2 eCoupons for $1.50 ($3.00 off)
2 Paper coupons for $1.50 ($3.00 off)
Each package was then $6.00 and I used my $4 coupon making my total $8.00 + tax
I then received another $4.00 off coupon

Transaction #2
Tampax and Always- Each Retails at $5.99 each
Sale Price- Tampax $5.00 Always $5.50
2 ecoupons for $1.00 ($2.00 off)
2 Paper coupons- one for $1 and the other for $.75(which at GE is doubled) so total of $2.50 off
Each package was then $3 and $3.50
I used my $4.00 off coupon and my total was $2.50 + tax
Plus I received another $2.00 coupon

Transaction #3
Nice N Easy retails at $7.99 and the Natural Instincts retails at $8.99
They both were sale priced at $5.99
2 eCoupons for $2.00 each
2 Paper coupons for $3.00 and $2.00 for a combined total of $5.00 off
Each box was then $1.50 ($3.00 for both)
I used my $2.00 off coupon from the previous transaction to bring my grand total to $1.00 + tax!

Total spent $11.50 + tax!

I'm super stoked about tomorrow's trip and I'll make sure to post it as well :)

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