Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Morning Routine.

Klaeyton and I have gotten into a pretty regular morning routine. Before I got pregnant this time around, I'd be up at 530 so that I could have a couple hours to myself before anyone was up. However, I'm too tired for that now, even when I do make it to bed at nine. So, now I sleep till about 7 when Klaeyton gets up. Sometimes I have to wrangle him out of his crib because he wakes up cranky, but mostly the morning starts out well with a diaper change and some juice, then Klaeyton watches Cars for the millionth time. I try to encourage him to change it up with Shrek or Curious George, but ultimately, it's always Cars. Sometimes he'll sit in the big comfy chair with just his juice or he'll insist on a package of fruit snacks (this happens when he darts to the pantry before I can get the door closed). At some point, he'll be ready for breakfast and he'll pull his high chair over (so that he can still see Cars) and insist on getting up himself and doing the buckles. He loves to do the buckles now. He locks the tray himself and then grins a huge accomplished smile telling me he's ready to eat. Most mornings it's yogurt and fresh fruit or cereal with some bananas or raisins thrown in. I get him all settled and he eats away, every now and then yelling "Kachow!" from Cars. 

I used to feel guilty letting him watch tv with little or no interaction from me, but I've come to realize that if it gives me an hour in the morning to balance the checkbook, have my coffee and get my day straight, it's probably better for the both of us. Besides, I usually limit the tv time anyway and shove him outside when he's done eating :) 

When it's time to wake Matt up, Klaeyton has his own rituals. He normally waltzes in the bedroom yelling "Daddy-O"! He climbs up on the bed and immediately begins driving his "dump car" all over daddy till he wakes up. Sometimes, he even throws a wrestling move in there to change it up. I have to admit, I love to watch :)

Oy vey, what am I going to do when there's two of them? When one needs nursed while the other one is insisting on blueberry yogurt not strawberry? It's a whole new adventure I'll be tackling and let's face it, my time management skills can only get better :)

Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom. 

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