Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Ten List for Saturday!

1. I'm bored. As a mom you don't really get the opportunity to say that much. We always have something we could be doing, but I don't feel like doing any of those things. I made sure to get all my work done early this week just in case I was birthing a baby right now. No such luck. I even got my house cleaned. So for now I'm just hanging out with Klaeyton watching movies. 

2. We could go somewhere, it's nice having two vehicles again, but where would I take my two year old on a Saturday night? Besides, tomorrow is an early day. No late night partying for us. 

3. We got our Christmas decorations and tree up yesterday. I'd normally probably wait a week or so but I wanted everything up before Julyiet got here. It was a lot of fun. Klaeyton helped a lot and had fun putting ornaments on the tree. We still have to put his and Julyiet's "special" ornaments on, but I figure we'll wait till she comes home from the hospital.

4. I took Klaeyton to the Midview basketball game last night so we could see Katie dance. It was awesome. It brought back a lot of memories for me and just made me smile to see her out there. She's so good. And it made me feel so old. She's a freshman! And I'm about to be 25 here in a week. Wow. 

5. Is it sad that I was tempted to mop my floors again tonight just because it's so easy to do? I just mopped them on Wednesday. 

6. I can't wait to wear regular clothes again. I told Matt not to buy me any Christmas presents because what I really want is to buy some new clothes after the baby gets here. 

7. Klaeyton just knocked me in the side of the head with his Nemo ball that Matt so graciously taught him to play dodgeball with. Nice. 

8. I keep hearing this squeaking and I'm really hoping we don't have another mouse. 

9. I still have Christmas shopping to do, and I still haven't really decided on what I'm doing about cards. I'd really like to have pictures of us and the baby but it all depends on when she decided to grace us with her presence. 

10. I'm finding it very hard to be patient :)

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