Friday, December 3, 2010

Sally Hansen Top Coat

So I normally wouldn't post a blog about nail polish, but in this case I just felt the need to share with the world :) 

I love Avon's nail polish. The colors are always gorgeous and the price (when you catch a sale) is extremely reasonable. I normally only wear polish on my toes in summer time because I've found it's too much maintenance on my fingers (I mean really, I do dishes, have a toddler, clean). I have yet to find a nail polish that doesn't chip on my fingers in like a day. 

Well for the sake of wanting to feel some what pretty, I painted my finger nails the other day with a new kind of polish from Avon. The color is beautiful but the finish is matte and I wasn't extremely crazy about it, but figured to wear it anyhow. Well, maybe it's because of the finish (or just my lack of motivation to use a top coat) but it chipped like crazy. I had to literally carry the bottle around in my purse for touch ups. That's just a little much for me. I barely have time to keep lip gloss on. 

So I decided to break down and buy a top coat since I didn't have one in my big polish bucket. Well I went to Target and scoured for the best deal on a brand I trusted. Sally Hansen. I found this top coat for $3.99.

So I bought it and tried it out. It seemed to keep well yesterday, but the true test came this morning when I had to break down and do my sink full of dishes. Now I have to say I can't remember the last time my polished finger nails made it through a sink of dishes without chipping. Until now :) This top coat is the bomb. 

Since it's winter time in Ohio, I know the luck of someone seeing my pretty polished toes is pretty much out of the question. Instead I think I might just be able to manage an awesome manicure all winter without breaking the bank :)

Oh the joys of being a woman. 

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