Friday, December 3, 2010

Prayers For Patience

I "woke" up this morning in a cranky mood. I use "woke" because I hardly slept at all. I was up every hour and a half to pee, which was really me dragging myself out of bed, walking downstairs and hearing trickle trickle when I felt like I had to pee a waterfall. How depressing. On top of that, when I did sleep, I had terrible dreams. Klaeyton was out of his bed twice and the second time at 5 am this morning I just left him next to me in the bed. Yeah, instead of snuggling me like usual, he kept head butting me and thrashing around. I think he was having bad dreams too. So I didn't sleep much more. 

I kept wondering half asleep if contractions were going to start. I want this baby out. I'm trying so hard to be patient and it's so difficult. And I feel like we've tried every at-home labor inducing method possible. I hate these hormones and I despise the fact that I can barely hold Klaeyton because it hurts too bad. Sometimes I can barely walk because my groin muscles keep pulling so much. I'm physically miserable and it's taking a toll on my emotional health. 

I stopped praying for the baby to get here already, because I really do know that she'll get here when she's ready, and when God wants her to arrive. So instead, I'm praying for patience. Say a prayer or two for me. I need them today. 

Oh the joys of being pregnant and about to pop.

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