Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some Of The Things I Love About My Sister :)

The last couple days have been crazy, which is why I haven't posted. Here's a small jist of what's going on. 

Katie (my beautiful awesome little sister) went into the ER on Saturday night at EMH and spent a good four hours before taking a really rough ambulance ride to Rainbow Babies and Children's hospital in Cleveland for emergency surgery to remove an extremely infected part of her intestines. She stayed in ICU until yesterday afternoon and is now recovering in a regular room. They're still using a tube to suck out infection and until it's gone she can't have anything to eat or drink, so she's rightfully cranky. We're praying for a quick recovery, both physically and emotionally. I wanted to dedicate this post to her, not this ordeal, so here we go :)

Things I Love About My Sister:

1. She's the only one I got :) so that makes her super special.
2. She has forgiven me for dropping her on her head when she was a baby...and yes it was really an accident.
3. She and I are ten years apart in age but we have the best relationship ever. 
4. She has gorgeous hair (that I don't have, so I secretly hate her for it :)
5. She has a big heart.
6. She is a fantastic pini to my two children. Klaeyton absolutely loves spending time with her. 
7. She uses a mac (thanks to me :)
8. She's unbelievably strong willed :) 
9. Only my sister could handle this whole ordeal and not go completely crazy :)
10. She's pretty much the designated church babysitter and she's great at it. 
11. She's a wonderful dancer. Every time I see her dance, I cry. 
12. She shares my love for fat kid food, and honestly I look forward to learning to love other kinds of food with her :)
13. She's OCD about color coding her planner, keeping her room clean and being organized with school, just like me :) At least I know I'm not alone :)

Oh the joy of having a sister :)

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