Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coupon Lingo

I've mentioned some of these before but this post is pretty much just to get you acquainted with some abbreviations that you are bound to find on other coupon/deal blogs. I can't take credit for this whole list. I found a lot of definitions on a couple other websites. Check these out for more abbreviations:
Money Saving Mom Abbreviations
Bargain Brianna Abbreviations

I only listed the ones that I have found handy and most used. :) Enjoy!

CPN coupon :)
MFR Manufacture
SS This stands for Smartsource, which is an insert you can find in the Sunday paper. 
RP Redplum. This is the insert that comes in the mail
P&G Proctor and Gamble. This is the insert that you can find the first Sunday of each month in the Sunday paper. 
PEELIE These are coupons that can be found attached to products

$1/1 etc. This is the amount you save/The number of items you have to buy
BOGO This stands for Buy One Get One free
STACKING This term is used when using a manufacture coupon and a store coupon

RR Register rewards (Walgreens uses this term)
CATALINA, CAT I don't really know where this term comes from and the only place I find it applicable is Giant Eagle. They advertise that if you purchase a certain amount or number of product you get a coupon for a certain amount back that is good on your next purchase. They call this coupon a catalina. I normally use the term register rewards for Giant Eagle as well as Walgreens. 
SCR Single check rebate (used at Rite Aid, I don't have much experience with Rite Aid yet, but if there is one close to you, you should def check it out)
UPR Up rewards (also found at Rite Aid)

Coming tomorrow- How to store coupons!

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