Friday, June 3, 2011

Where to Find Coupons!

I used to think the only coupons I could get my hands on were the ones in the Redplum that came in the mail...turns out...that's only one of the many places that you can acquire coupons. Here is a list of where to find and clip your coupons:

Redplum Inserts that come with your "junk mail" -These are the easiest because they require no work for you :)

The Sunday Paper- I've found that if you buy the more expensive Sunday paper in your area, you'll get more coupons. Here it's the Plain Dealer and it's $2.00 on Sundays.  Sometimes I will buy more than one paper so I can have more than one of each coupon. 
You can preview Sunday coupon inserts here. This way you can decide ahead of time how many papers you want to buy. 
In the Sunday Paper you will find two types of inserts. The Smartsource insert is in there every Sunday. The P&G insert is only in the first Sunday of the month. This is a great insert that contains Proctor and Gamble product coupons. 

Store Websites- A lot of stores have their own coupons (which is awesome since most of them will let you use a store coupon and a manufacture coupon for the same item) Also, you can sign up for mailing lists and stores like Target and Walgreens will mail coupons to you.

Coupon Websites- You can print coupons from the following websites:

All You Magazine- You can find this magazine only at Walmart. It's normally about $2.50 but it is so worth it. Even if you only use a couple of the coupons, the magazine pays for itself. 

Product Websites- A lot of products' websites will offer coupons that you can print. Normally they want your email address. 
**I recommend creating an email address specifically for junk mail and newsletters. This way you aren't cluttering up your regular inbox. 

Buying Coupons- If you find a coupon in an insert and it's a really great deal that you want to stock up on you can actually buy coupons online. I haven't done this yet but I know someone who has. You have to keep in mind shipping times (most deals only last a week). Here are some websites:  you can buy whole inserts on this website. you can buy individual coupons here this is the one my friend used. She said you can buy 20 of the same coupon for $1 + shipping. A great example of where this came in handy: there was a $3 off Nivea Body Wash coupon. This body wash is normally priced right at $3 at Walmart, making it free with the coupon. So ordering 20 coupons isn't a bad idea when you end up with 20 free body washes. 

Now you have an idea of where to find coupons :) So this weekend...pick up a paper! The P&G insert is in this week's!

How to Read a Coupon and Coupon Lingo-Coming next week!

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