Monday, October 4, 2010

Klaeyton Isn't the Only One With a Birthday :)

I'm taking a short break from some computer work I have to get done tonight. I need to make dinner, but still can't make a definite decision as to what I would like to eat. 

I wanted to share something. I don't know how I haven't managed to share this before. 

You see...I have an awesome job. I'm the Director of Church Life at my church. And I go to the awesomest church on the planet. Yes I just said planet. ;) Great Lakes Church has changed my life in so many ways and many of you have already heard this story, long or short, but I have yet to put it in writing. 

After we moved to Ohio, I started to realize my soul needed a makeover. I wanted desperately to find God and ultimately to be comfortable with Him. Matt searched for a church that summer and into the fall. He mostly went by himself. I was awfully pregnant with Klaeyton and wanted to find a church, but that didn't necessarily mean I wanted to look for one. Matt didn't have much luck. One day we got this flyer in the mail. It had a pair of jeans on it, and as we know, Matt doesn't care for jeans, so he pitched it aside. I picked it up and realized it was for a church. My first thought was, we have to try this out, you can wear jeans to this church! We checked out the website and even observed that they were giving away Chic Fil-A for lunch. We figured, hey even if we don't like it, we get free lunch. And this was at a time when free lunch was a big deal, lunch is still a big deal :)

Anyhow, we went on October 5, 2008. That was the first Sunday for Great Lakes Church. I've seen the launch pictures. I looked huge. I'm pretty sure everyone remembered who I was because I was literally about to pop. I remember Klaeyton going nuts in my belly during the music and I remember telling Matt afterwards "We have to go back next week!" So we planned to go back. Well...Monday afternoon I went into labor with Klaeyton and on Tuesday morning he graced us with his presence. Matt's dad and sister came up to visit when I got out of the hospital Thursday evening. 

I didn't forget. I wanted to go back to Great Lakes Church that Sunday, regardless of whether or not I just had a baby. And we went. And we kept going. And I started volunteering in the kids program and we made some awesome friends and realized after a few months there was no way we could leave Ohio. This is where God wanted us. And at GLC we stayed. 

Klaeyton will be two this Thursday, which marks that Great Lakes Church will also be two years old. And to celebrate...we are not only showing Amherst, Ohio, God, we are coming to Avon, Ohio to launch a second location and to serve another community. And I am blessed enough to be a part of this opportunity. 

Oh the joy of being a Christian :)

Check out Great Lakes Church 

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