Thursday, October 7, 2010

Klaeyton's Birth Story

In light of today being Klaeyton's 2nd how time flies...I thought I would post my birth story for him. 

Instead of recalling it, I have decided to copy the one I wrote on October 14, 2008 on Facebook. But I guarantee if I were to write it now, I'm pretty sure I'd remember it the exact same way. 

Here it is:

Klaeyton was born last tuesday, october 7 at 11:06 am. here is the lovely story of his birth...

my contractions started monday around 330 in the afternoon. matt and i didn.t go to the hospital until 8 that night because they were ranging 4-6 minutes apart and were pretty painful. I got to the hospital and was stuck in triage for four hours because my cervix wouldn.t dialate more than one centimeter. but my contractions were close together and really painful so they had me walking around trying to speed things up. finally at 1230 (after i missed monday night football because the crappy tv in triage didn.t get espn) i was 2-3 centimeters and was admitted. they gave me some nubane to take the edge off my contractions but it didn.t work at all. at 2 am i asked for the epidural. i had to wait for the epidural guy so i didn.t get it till 330. oh thank god for the person who invented the epidural. i got to rest and so did matt and my mom. my brother was there too and slept in the waiting room. i slept on and off till about 630 when my dad got there. at 7 when they checked me again i was 5-6 centimeters. i could feel when i was having a contraction but it didn.t hurt at all. at 9 am my doctor came in to see me and i was 7-8 centimeters dialated and he said i.d probably deliver in the next two hours. my contractions got stronger and pretty soon the nurse was telling me i would get to push. i was terrified but matt and my mom were AMAZING. i pushed with the nurse for about 20 minutes and when the doctor was on his way she told me i had to stop pushing so that i wouldn.t tear. that was the hardest part, breathing through those contractions was not easy. the doctor had to give me a small episiotomy, which i really didn.t want, but i trusted him. klaeyton came out at 11:06 and was placed on my abdomen as they stitched me up. i can.t describe how i felt. i was so emotional i couldn.t even cry. matt cut the cord and i was so thankful to have him at that moment. life officially changed.

klaeyton weighed 7 lbs 9 ounces and was 20 inches long. he has hair!!! i was so happy. he is healthy and amazing. i.m recovering well also. i had low blood count in the hospital so they monitored me for that and have upped my dose of iron at home. but i feel great most of the time and can already wear most of my pre-pregnancy clothes! :)

matt and i couldn.t be happier. our baby is beautiful and we have started our family :)

As you can tell, I wasn't much for grammar or punctuation then. And I could add a few details in, but none that really change the story :) I could probably make it a lot longer too, but for the sake of our busy lives I'll just stick with this version. :)

I admit, I'm a little sad that my baby is already two, but I have to admit it's the most beautiful thing to watch your child grow. And as I carried him from the bathtub tonight all wrapped in a towel and baby cradled, I knew that no matter how big he is, or how old he gets, he'll always be my baby boy. And I'll love him forever. 

Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom. 

I'll Love You Forever By Robert Munsch is a FANTASTIC book!

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  1. have i ever commented on your blog, miss alli? i read it ALL the time, just so you know :) anyway. i'm so glad to read that story again, and i love you and matt and klaeyton SO much, and i just had to mention also that i looooooove that book - my mom used to read it to me all the time when i was little.

    congratulations on your beautiful family - you guys are the best and i'm so blessed to have all 3 (almost 4!) of you in my life!


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