Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Baby Moon

I needed a night off, and since Matt is so awesome at his job he won us a free night's stay at the Holiday Inn in Westlake. We've been holding on to it for awhile and finally planned a night out this past Monday. As most of you know, I'm a planner and like to have things thought out before hand. So we enlisted Grammy to come stay with Klaeyton and I started sorting through coupons to find a place where we could have dinner rather inexpensively. I had some awesome Dave and Buster's coupons and since Matt and I never get to go there without Klaeyton, I figured it would be a great date. We could have dinner and then play games :) So not only did I clip my coupons, I used our bank reward points to get a $25 D&B gift card to go towards the date. So this is the breakdown of our awesome Baby Moon :)

Hotel Stay plus Breakfast Buffet:
Actual Value: $132+$18+$5 tip= $155
What we paid: $5 tip+$20 at Giant Eagle for Monday Night Football snacks= $25

Dave and Busters:
Game Play Actual Value: $40
What we paid: $0 (we used a buy $20 game play get $20 free coupon and our $25 gift card)
Food Actual Value: Roughly $45 including tip
What we paid: $25 (We had a buy one get one free entree and $5 left on our gift card)

Total Value for the Baby Moon: $260 (this includes our MNF snacks)
Total amount paid out of pocket: $50

I have to say I was quite impressed with myself :) Not only did we save money, but we had a really good you can tell...

Oh the joys of being a frugal wife :)

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