Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Red Wagon Farm

Ok Baby Julyiet, I'm officially tired of being pregnant and would like for you to arrive as soon as it is healthily possible. 

I'm a little tired and definitely hormonal today. I probably should be doing a million other things right now, but I really wanted to blog... I miss it. I think I'm going to do some reorganizing of my time...I definitely need more blog time and certainly more prayer time, not to mention I feel like I neglect my child on a daily basis to accomplish things that could definitely be moved around.  So tonight after he goes to bed, I'm definitely doing some much needed woosah :) time.

We took Klaeyton to Red Wagon Farm this past Friday. He had a blast. The hayride was definitely his favorite part and he still talks about it! Randomly in the car, he'll say "!" 

We took quite a few pictures. But these are some of my favorites.

on the hayride :)

Yes, Klaeyton is picking his nose in this picture :)

Klaeyton and his pumpkin :)

One of the best things about our trip is that we only spent $8.50 :) 

Oh the joy of being a frugal mom :)

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