Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Nine List For Wednesday :)

1. We launched our new location on Sunday so my week has been crazy busy :) 

2. I've been so busy, I haven't even had time to keep up with some favorite shows of mine. 

3. Thankfully I watch them all online so they can wait till I have time :)

4. Tonight was my brother's senior night for soccer. They played Ridgeville, who is their biggest rival, and won 2 to 1. My brother assisted the first and scored the second goal. He went and visited a college today. I'm awfully proud of him. 

5. His girlfriend reminds me of me when I was in high school. That's kind of scary. 

6. Klaeyton had a blast at the soccer game. I noticed that he really does shy away from adults, but he's a social butterfly with other kids. I even caught him chatting up some high school girls. uh oh. 

7. He also made me listen to Boom Boom Pow the whole way there. That's his new favorite song.

8. Matt hates the black eyed peas. Like hates with a burning passion. 

9. I'm really tired. I think I'll go to bed. :) G'night. 

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