Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chuck E Cheese!

Oh how I love summer time. The air is just different. And it's nice. It seems like we're able to do more in the summer time because we like to be out of the house enjoying the weather. I originally wanted to take Klaeyton to the pool yesterday, but of course it was only 70 degrees and totally not warm enough for the pool. So instead, Matt and I decided to take him to Chuck E Cheese. What a fantastic idea! 

We kept telling him, "We're going to Chuck E Cheese!" and of course all we got from him was, "Cheese! Cheese!" I think we might have been more excited than he was. Of course I had some great coupons that I found on the internet, so when we got there I ordered the drinks and pizza and got tokens while Matt took K up in the play land. But naturally Klaeyton can spot balloons a mile away, so we had to make sure he steered clear of the birthday area, or else some poor child would be having a balloon-less birthday party.

 Then we proceeded to spend tokens. Klaeyton liked the clock swing and this game where you get to throw balls at the screen to hit bugs and stuff, but his favorite game of all was Skee Ball. He LOVED it! And watching him do it was more fun than playing yourself. Matt and I managed to gather up some tickets to get K a foam dart launcher and a tootsie pop. I think that tootsie pop was the only thing that got him to cooperate when it was time to leave.


On the way home I looked back at him in his car seat with his face and hands all sticky and while holding his tootsie pop, he just smiled real big at me. I just kept thinking...there are so many more of those smiles to come.

Oh the joy of an ordinary mom. 

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