Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sleep and New Baby

As some of you know K hasn't really been sleeping well the last few weeks. I'm not sure why, but he'll wake up screaming bloody murder and won't go back to sleep unless I pick him up and hold him. So I've tried various things, from falling asleep in the recliner and trying to gently put him back in his bed all to just putting him in the bed with Matt and I (which I don't mind but K always seems to just kick Matt a lot), but I know he's capable of sleeping through the night and sleeping well so I haven't been worrying too much. 

Well yesterday he only napped for about two hours, which is short considering the last couple of weeks his naps have spanned 3-4 hours (which may explain why he wasn't sleeping well at night), anyway I put him to bed at 730 and wala! It's currently 7:05 and he has slept all night and is still sleeping :) So I feel triumphant this morning on that note :)

I've def been feeling much better. I'm twelve weeks now and approaching that second trimester full force, sometimes I can get away with only one anti nausea pill a day :) A def step down from 4 times a day! I'm beginning to plan and list the things we will need for the baby (the list is considerably longer if it's a girl, which we won't find out for another month or so) but I do need to get on the ball and get the upstairs organized. It has become one giant storage unit, but first I need another AC unit for up there, whewie it's hot :) 

Matt and I are still contemplating some names. I don't think we'll be so set on one so soon like we were for Klaeyton. I think now that I don't feel so crappy the reality is really starting to set it and I can actually be excited since I'm not couch confined anymore. Now if I could just find my prego bathing regular one is already to snug. boo. 

Happy Saturday! Matt has to work tonight, but I plan to take Klaeyton to the library and the beach today before nap :) 

Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom. 

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