Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sign With Your Toddler!

As a lot of people know we started signing with Klaeyton pretty early. It's not overly extensive, but I have found the most helpful signs tend to be "more", "all done", "eat", drink" and especially "help". I've always found the idea of toddlers using sign language to be fascinating and helpful in our particular situation ("Help" really does eliminate some frustration tantrums), but today I found a whole new appreciation for it and an even bigger desire to broaden K.s signing vocabulary.

We had a really rough night last night and this morning K had a fever and was showing signs of illness. We've been very fortunate that Klaeyton has never really been ill, but today he was so pitiful. He slept the majority of the day, either on Matt or I, or on the couch. He did manage to eat and drink a little bit, but he barely played which was our sign that he really was sick.

 He slept this afternoon for quite a lengthly time and when he woke up it was about 6. He woke up crying, just crying and crying. I tried consoling him and rocking him. I sat him on my lap and said, "Bubba it's ok, can you show mommy what you want" I started signing for drink and eat. Almost immediately he stopped crying and started signing "help" and he pointed to his belly! I was in complete awe! I immediately started massaging his belly thinking it must hurt and then I heard it rumble. Duh! He's got to be hungry! And I was right. K ate a little bit of soup and then curled right back up into my lap to fall back to sleep. 

I have decided to teach K the sign for "hurt" along with anything else I can think of. I, not only got a glimpse of how smart he is, but that if it wasn't for this simple practice, I could have spent a lot longer using trial and error to console him. 

Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom. 

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