Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Controlling Affection

Being a mom is one of the most unpredictable roles a woman can have. I say this, even though I am a planner. A woman of routine and neatness, sometimes a little more rigid than I should be. But I have learned that there are things you just can't control. And things you shouldn't try to. 

For instance, newborn babies are a piece of cake. I mean, I think so. You can control a lot of things when your child is a newborn. They influence your schedule (sleeping, eating and what not) but what I'm talking about isn't those things. You control the affection with your child. You hug them when you want, you kiss them when you want and you can certainly hold them anytime you want. It's all about you. 

Then they develop personalities. Klaeyton will be two in just about two weeks and he's a little ball of curiosity and energy. He is starting to show his preferences and non preferences towards just about anything and everything. 

And I'm one of them. Sometimes I just want to hug on him. "No" he yelps as he runs and hides in the Star Wars tent. Sometimes I just want to give him a kiss. "No" is his response as he runs back outside. But sometimes, like as I was sitting here, right before writing this blog, looking at books on Amazon, he comes running in and throws his arms around me. He doesn't say anything, just hugs me and then books it back outside. I smile, because even if I can't control Klaeyton's affection, I know he still loves me and still has some for me. 

Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom. 

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