Saturday, September 4, 2010

Upstairs Progress

Yesterday was kind of a busy day... now that I look back on it, I'm surprised I got so much done. But I'm certainly not here to ramble off each minute that was accounted for. I actually just wanted to post regarding my progress on the upstairs :) 

If you remember from the other day, it was quite a mess, even after I started it. Well it's still sort of a mess, but at least now it's a categorized mess that will be a lot easier for me to sort through :)

Woo Hoo there is clean floor space! I know it looks like everything is just shoved to the left, but I can assure you it's sorted. See all that baby stuff? Most of it is going to the nursery, the rest of it will end up on the curb or craigslist :)
Ok give me a break I'm soaking up the satisfaction of clear floor space :)
Ok I promise this is the last picture of nothing, but you see that?! Nothing! ...well except that random baby toy :)
I just had to share this picture. Klaeyton helped me out upstairs and wore this hat around for a good thirty minutes. My little mexican toe head :)
I'm determined. This upstairs will get done. We will be ready for this baby :)
Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom.

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