Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Eleven List for Wednesday!

1. It has been a busy week. I feel like today is the first day I've really had time to breathe. 

2. So here I am, catching you up with snipets :) is that even a word?

3. Klaeyton has had an over abundant amount of energy the last couple days. It seems like all he does is run around. And fight naps and bedtime. Thank God for his crib rails ;)

4. I asked Matt one day if we could just keep him in a crib till he was 18. He laughed at me. 

5. The other night Klaeyton tumbled out of his crib while I was in his room. It happened so fast, he like somersaulted out. I think it scared him a lot and I don't think he'll do it again, although I'm pretty sure he wasn't intentionally trying to escape. 

6. We went to the park again today (pics will be up tomorrow :) and came home with a stick. Klaeyton loves sticks. 

7. I think all kids should play with sticks. It forces them to use their imagination. 

8. I watched the season premiere of Glee today. Yes, I'm a Glee nerd. I can't help it. But I don't think I'll admit it ever again. So don't ask :)

9. A few other of my favorite shows premiere tonight, which means they will be readily available tomorrow online :) Oh fall how I love thee. 

10. I found peppermint mocha creamer at Target yesterday. Yes I bought some. And yes it was that very creamer that motivated me to get out of bed this morning :)

11. I finished the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy today. I can't even express (without writing you a short book) how amazing they are. If you haven't picked them up, check them out. Bring on the third one! I must admit I'll probably be very sad when it ends though. 

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