Friday, September 10, 2010

Taco Skillet Pie

So I got this recipe from a cookbook by Parenting Magazine. And the format from this blog by The Pioneer Woman ( If you've never checked her out, she's AMAZING, but please don't compare her blogs to mine, especially her photography. Oh man if I had a great camera and some photog skills and training (which I really do want, but where would I fit those in?) Anyway, I'm getting off subject, debuting something quick easy and fantastic (Matt even ate the leftovers :) 

You'll Need:
1 lb ground beef (or chuck or turkey or whatever you fancy)
1 (19 oz) can black beans (with the liquid, yep don't drain those suckers)
1 can (14.5 oz) chili diced tomatoes with green chilies (you can actually use whatever you want, the recipe really calls for petite-cut zesty jalapeno tomatoes, but I couldn't find those)
1 pkg taco seasoning mix (I used Mild and it still had a kick to it, well little Julyiet gave me heartburn anyhow :)
1 (6.5 oz) corn bread mix
Whatever is required to fix said corn bread mix (mine called for an egg, milk and butter)
Mexi-Blend shredded cheese
Optional: Sour Cream

Step One: Pre-Heat your oven to 425! Brown your ground meat :)
Step Two: Def drain that stuff!
Step Three: Pour in beans, tomatoes and taco seasoning. Cook it up, let it boil and then simmer for a minute or two.
Step Four: While your awesomeness is cooking mix up your corn bread.
So that it looks something like this :)
And your awesomeness will look something like this :)
Step Five: Turn off your awesomeness and pour your cornbread mix on the top. 
Spread it all around and plop it in the oven :)
Step Six: Bake for ten minutes and then pull out and cover with as much cheese as you would like. 
Step Seven: Bake 5 more minutes and VOILA! Ok that isn't Spanish but I'm not sure what the Spanish term would be. I let it sit for a minute or two and then served it up! Matt loved it, Klaeyton only ate the bread and the beans and of course wanted more cheese. 
Oh and we added sour cream to ours. Enjoy!
P.S. next time I am def using my camera. These pictures are not so great :)

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