Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Warning: Naked Baby!

I woke up this morning feeling awfully inspired and knew it was going to be a day where I wrote a lengthly blog. So here I am, on my back porch, soaking up the shade and watching Klaeyton and Jasey chase each other in the yard. I have to admit, I smile when she aggravates him. Only because he aggravates her on a constant basis and I'm a true believer that what goes around comes around. 

I had my first real baby dream last night. One that wasn't too creepy and where I could actually picture baby Julyiet. I think that may be why I woke up feeling much better, considering the scare I had about 1:30. 

I woke up, naturally because I had to pee and noticed Matt wasn't home from work yet. I figured I'd open Klaeyton's door to help with the air flow now that I knew he was fast asleep. I peek in and can't see him anywhere in his crib! Granted, it's mostly dark but I couldn't even see a body outline. I hurry in, not caring how loud I'm being and my eyes search the crib frantically to find him behind the curtain (that he had pulled into the crib) all curled up in a ball. I don't think I've ever sighed so heavily in relief. It was one of the scariest moments ever and I experienced it half asleep. So naturally when I stumbled back into bed, I was wide awake and afraid that a night of good sleep was completely lost. So my Julyiet dream came at a very good time. 

Klaeyton and I went to Life Groups around 10 and leaving there I felt even more refreshed. It's nice to have time with other moms. I think that's when I really realize that I'm normal and that being a mom is no ordinary adventure. 

Speaking of adventures I have a few things about Klaeyton to share, because pretty much everything with him is an adventure ;)

He proceeded to whine about his boo boo this morning.
So I band-aided it up with an awesome Shrek band-aid. 
But of course the little boy in him takes over.
As he continually not only took the band-aid off 
But kept picking at the scab, making it raw.
And what do you know? 
He kept whining about it too :)

Klaeyton fell asleep for his five minute cat nap
on the way home...

Still clutching his pretzel stick. 

So naturally...
Nap time was somewhat of a struggle.
Instead of lying down at 12:30 like usual,
He gave me a hard time so I tried again at 2.
By this time, I needed a nap and actually fell asleep for 2 hours!
After Matt left for work around 4:30, I went in to check on K
and open his door of course.
No, there was no where is he? scare. 
Instead, I found this:

Mind you, Klaeyton has never done this before. 
It's even funnier because today at Life Groups 
another mom 
was talking about how her son has learned to undo his cloth diapers at night. 
And of course, I was thinking...
I'm so lucky Klaeyton has never done that. 
That's what I get for thinking. 
I couldn't disrupt this little angels sleep.
So, instead I just assumed I'd have a mess to clean up in awhile. 
But what do you know?
Klaeyton woke up dry and even let me put his dry diaper back on him. 

I'm sure he'll hate me when he's older 
and I blow this picture up 
for his 16th birthday party ;)

Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom. 

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  1. Harry took his diaper off too for his nap. It must have been that type of day in the world of babies. :D


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