Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Fourteen List for Wednesday :)

1. This may not be an everyday occurance, but it will definitely be a prominent trend :) Some days I just get too busy :)

2. So...I def decided to keep my Kindle order... and I'm pretty stoked to announce that it is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Yay!

3. Ok... so I secretly love to watch South Park. Only when Klaeyton isn't around though. 

4. It's almost eleven p.m. and I'm not as tired as I normally am, which worries me, because it means I will be dragging my behind in the morning when Klaeyton decides to wake me up at 7 a.m.

5. Today was an absolutely beautiful day and it gave me the opportunity to figure some things out in my head that I am currently battling. 

6. I started my grad school essay! I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the weekend. 

7. I got to see the chiropractor today and I get to go again tomorrow. It helped some today but I'm still experiencing some pain :(

8. A conversation I had with Matt this evening:
Me: Matt quit eating my sugar cookies
(He eats the dough in the fridge and doesn't bake them, I love them and they satisfy my pregnancy cravings :)
Matt: sjdfkhjasdfkhadsfhaskljdh (talking to the tv or something)
Me: Did you hear me? I said quit eating my sugar cookies
Matt: I heard you, I just ignored you. 
Me: (laughs) I love how you just told me that you ignored me

9. Despite the fact that he eats my sugar cookies and ignores me, I love him. 

10. I lost my fantasy football game by almost 100 points this week. It was humiliating and depressing at the same time, the worst part though is that I was awarded the "you need to make some changes" trophy which pretty much translates to "you suck" I'm determined to redeem myself this week. 

11. I'm extending my list, mixing it up a bit. 

12. It's supposed to rain tonight and I'm excited because I love sleeping while it's raining outside :) weird...yes I know. 

13. Everyone is sick. My husband. My son. My friends. Everyone but me. But I know I'll end up with it, it's just a matter of when. 

14. Ok. It's bed time. 


  1. lol. You aren't weird. We're just from Ohio. We like to sleep when it's raining and with the fan on. :)


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