Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Big Boy Bed

So. I went against everything I said and broke down and put K in a big boy bed. We were blessed enough to have a friend from Matt's work give us an awesome blue race car bed complete with mattress. 

This could have been a complete disaster. I shouldn't really complain at all. The last two nights that Klaeyton has slept in his big boy bed, he has stayed there all night and has done fantastic. It's a little rough getting him to lie down but eventually he just lies down and goes to sleep. Which means I haven't lost any sleep. :)

Nap time? Hah. Not a complete disaster, but certainly not smooth sailing. The first day we couldn't get him to stay in his room period. Which resulted in a tough evening. Yesterday, he happened to fall asleep in the car and stayed asleep when Matt put him in the bed. Today? Well he's stayed in his room so far, but no sleep. Of course I know it could be worse, but this also means that I will be dealing with a cranky Klaeyton this evening. I think I may have to do some reading on somehow getting him to keep his nap. I am certainly not ready for him to give it up. But how do you convince a two year old that he needs to take a nap when he can freely roam his room?

Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom. 

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