Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Six List For Thursday :)

1. My back hurts. Right at this moment. And I even saw the chiropractor again today. They want to see me three times a week. What do I do when my insurance runs out? I should probably work this out when I go again at 9 am tomorrow morning...

2. My kindle got here today. I read most of the users manual. I think I could become obsessed. I think I'm going to tell everyone to give me Amazon gift cards for Christmas and my birthday so that I can buy oodles and oodles of books :)

3. Klaeyton is now obsessed with the Bunny Foo Foo song and he loves to bonk himself on the head. I wonder about him sometimes. 

4. I tried a new recipe tonight that was called sliced pasta. I think my sauce might have been too runny because it didn't slice very well. It turned out more like baked ziti. It tasted fantastic and since it called for parchment paper in a loaf pan, the clean up was a cinch. Def nice. 

5. Matt and I have a date Sunday evening. It will consist of another couple we're friends with and endless shrimp at Red Lobster. I am totally stoked. 

6. I'm tired. It's going to be a short list tonight. 

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