Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Ten List :) Yes I Think This Could Be a Trend :)

1. Crud! I forgot to call the chiropractor today, how could I forget with this immense back pain I'm suffering from right now?

2. So I'm really debating on using my amazon gift cards towards a kindle. I really really want one, but I feel like right now I should be buying baby stuff not a totally awesome digital reader.

3. I did place my amazon order for the newest generation kindle today though. But I have about a week to change my mind since currently they are out of stock. 

4. My leftover blackberry cobbler was absolutely heavenly today. I think cobbler is going to be my new winter treat. 

5. I could really use a visit from the motivation fairy right now. 

6. I've been meaning to tell everyone about how the other day I broke a nail on my right hand, on the index finger and it STILL hurts. I know, you probably don't care, and if you do... well you shouldn't. Don't be weird. Just let me tell about my broken nail in peace. 

7. I'm reading this book now called Graceling and ummm...... yeah it's totally awesome. I think I'm liking it more than Twilight. No, it isn't about vampires. But it does have this girl who kicks a lot of butt, so there's lots of fighting but lots of romance. Anyhow, just check it out. 

8. I miss Matt a lot. A lot more than I let on. But I know that's expected. 

9. I caught Klaeyton aggravating the next door neighbor's dog today. I couldn't help but smile on the inside. 

10. Tomorrow is Saturday, the start of my work week :) and def cinnamon roll morning, but even more importantly it's 9/11 and I can remember exactly what I was doing that day, I can even remember what I was wearing. It makes me sad. 

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