Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Semi-Bribed My Toddler? So What?

I ran some errands yesterday for work and for personal reasons. I decided to let Matt sleep in, so I took Klaeyton with me. First, we went to Dollar General so I could pick up some packaging tape to mail in my old text books to Amazon (which I'm stoked I'll be getting $75 in Amazon credit for). Anywho, Klaeyton was so good. I didn't even have to put him in a cart. So I rewarded him with a push pop. Probably not the healthiest option I could have went for, but I figured it would also keep him pretty occupied as we got in and out of the car the next few times.  So it was half reward and half bribe, I just didn't tell him about the bribe part. 

I have to admit. The Push Pop was worth it :)

We then proceeded to Subway so I could get some gift cards. Klaeyton, was again very good, especially since we had to wait awhile. The lady thought he was so cute she gave him a cookie.  Here's my little man double fisting his treats.

Our last two stops were pretty short and simple and as before Klaeyton was really well behaved. Our days aren't always so peaceful and tantrum free, but I also believe... how do children learn to act in public if you never take them out in public? I got so lucky yesterday, but I think after the splurges he was allowed, he might actually want to go on errands with me more often :)

Oh the joy of being an ordinary mom. 


  1. Sometimes bribes aren't really bribes. They're special treats with Mommy so it makes it all the better.

    BTW, I am such a ditz. I forgot to say thank you for the Subway gift card we got in the mail. It was a wonderful gift.


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